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Asbestos with muscoviteAsbestos may look soft and fuzzy, but in the right conditions it is a protector of buildings and infrastructure. Its uses have ranged from structural fireproofing to acoustical spray to the filter for cigarettes. The tensile strength of Asbestos resulted in its inclusion into many different surfacing materials including stucco, gypsum board (drywall), cement board (transite), and many more popular applications. Though asbestos has been demonized in various venues, most notably court rooms throughout the world, many people rely on this "wonder mineral" every time they hit the brakes or press the clutch of a motor vehicle.

Unfortunately, under the wrong conditions it is a known carcinogen with symptoms that can take up to 40 years to make themselves known. After long term exposure to high concentrations of airborne asbestos fibers, asbestos is the primary cause of the disease that bears its name, asbestosis, which causes severe scaring of sensative lung tissues. As with many things in life, such as cars and electricity, safe practices can protect us from the hazards so that the benefits can be utilized.

In the United States, many have assumed that asbestos was banned and aside from the long period between exposure of the material and the disease possibly manifesting itself at some point in the future, it is no longer a problem. This is NOT the case and has been the source of many unnecessary exposures to the dangerous fibers. It is with this understanding that this training has been developed by Assurance Compliance to assist employers with their occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) mandated obligation to communicate the hazards of asbestos with general asbestos awareness training to their housekeeping staff and other employees who may work with or around asbestos containing material [29CFR1910.1001(j)]. This training will provide the general aspects required by the OSHA Asbestos standard, but in its present form will NOT fully satisfy the site specific requirement associated with the standard. Successful completion of this training unit will result in a certificate being emailed with the remaining site specific items. This training will not be deemed completed until a representative of the employer has initialed the site specific portions and signed the certificate. For a small fee, Assurance Compliance can make arrangements to include the site specific Please contact Assurance Compliance if you would like to have all requirements for training included in an employer specific custom module.

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